Texas Pardon Attorney

Your Path to a New Beginning

  • Have a past criminal conviction that haunts you?
  • Ashamed of your public record?
  • Denied a Job or Promotion?
  • Can’t get an apartment?
  • Want to buy a firearm?
  • Need a fresh start?
Texas pardon
What a Texas Pardon can do for You?
  • Restore Your Civil Rights;
  • Allow you to vote;
  • Allow you to serve on a jury;
  • Allow you to Adopt Children;
  • Restore your Gun Rights; and
  • Deny the existence of the criminal offense on any type of application for employment; and
  • It makes your offense eligible for an EXPUNGEMENT.

The Hopping Law Group, PC is one of only a few firms in Texas that handle Texas pardon applications.  We have assisted hundreds of clients through the often overwhelming bureaucratic maze created to trap applicants so that they will eventually give up.   It can be tough and frustrating.

Get a Texas Pardon with one of Our Experienced Texas Pardon Attorneys.

Want to apply for a pardon?  We can help you through the process which can be long and frustrating.  Over 75 of the applications submitted are not considered because the application fails to meet the Boards requirements.  Increase your odds by retaining an experienced Texas Pardon Attorney.

In order to retain our firm, we require that you must first submit your case for an evaluation by one of our attorneys before we will agree to represent you.  We only accept a limited number of cases every year so we can focus on the ones we do accept.  We also evaluate every case for its likelihood of success.   The evaluation fee is $250.00.

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