Remove Your Online Criminal Record from the Leading Private Databases and Online Websites the Sell Your Information for Background Checks.

Everybody Qualifies.  Guaranteed!

What Is Removing Your Criminal Record Worth?

Our firm has specially developed this service for the vast majority of individuals who have criminal convictions and do not qualify for the strict requirements needed to expunction or seal these records.  Typically, these individuals had no options and were just left to deal with the negative impact of the criminal record even though, oftentimes it was old or for something very minor.
Good news now you can remove criminal record from the leading private databases and websites that sell your information.

We Erase Your Criminal Record from the Leading Databases and Online Websites Selling Your Information. 

We developed a service that focuses on the removal of the criminal record from the private databases themselves instead of the public record that is removed in an expunction or non-disclosure.  This is where most companies and individuals get their background check information and if we are able to make that information less available then your record will have less of an impact on your future.

Do You Have a Criminal Conviction Holding You Back that Can’t be Expunged?

Is Your Criminal Record?

  • Holding you back in Life;
  • Preventing you from finding any job or getting a promotion;
  • Have you stuck in a dead-end job;
  • Tired of explaining your past;
  • Do background checks make your stomach turn?;
  • Do you live in fear that other people may find out about your past?;
  • Do you not volunteer because you are scared to have your background checked?
Resume Criminal History

If your past still haunts you, then we are here to help you put your past where it belongs, in the past.  Over the last 15 years, our firm has dedicated itself to helping individuals like yourself hide their criminal record.
Over 10,000 Records Cleared and 1,500 Background Checks Passed.

Criminal Record Removal Service

  • Designed to assist individuals who do not qualify for traditional expunctions or non-disclosures;
  • Erase your ENTIRE Criminal Record from the most commonly used Background Check Websites and Services;
  • Your record will be invisible to over 20 million background searches a month;
  • Six-Month No-Post Guarantee – If you find your information re-posted within six months of the completion of our service, then we will remove it free of charge.
  • Money-Back – Data Back Guarantee – If at the completion of our service, you are not satisfied, then just let us know and we will refund you the fee and we will withdraw our removal submissions returning you to your original status.
  • We will make your Criminal Record Harder to Find and Make it easier for you to pass a background check;
  • Delete the personal information available on these sites such as:
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Judgment
  • Tax Liens
  • Income Information
  • Address History
  • Employment History
  • Property ownership and value
  • Summary of social media contacts
  • Contact information for relatives
  • Monitor your case to ensure your information is removed;
  • Provide you secure online access to your case through our encrypted case management system;
  • Provide our clients with outstanding customer service; and
  • Provide you a detailed final report about our results.
ONLY $500.00.

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