We Remove Our Client’s Criminal Pasts to Ensure they Have a Better Future.

We are laser focused on this mission.

Based in Texas

Criminal Record Removal is our Only Focus

We are the best because we focus only on expungements, nondisclosure and pardons.

Lifetime Guarantee

If your record ever shows up on your official criminal history report we will dispute it and remove it for free.

Money Back Guarantee

We back our expungement and nondisclosure services with an iron clad money back guarantee.

We Charge an Up-Front Flat Fee

Our flat fee is a no look fee that includes all filing fee and costs. There are no hidden fees and costs.

Online Case Management

As a client, you will have round the clock secure access to your case file and will receive regular updates as your case progresses.

Fast Track

We fast track all our cases so you can be assured of a timely resolution of your case.

Additional Noticing Services for No Additional Fees

We will remove your expunged or sealed record from over 600 commercial databases, mugshot sites, and credit reporting agencies which are largest, most commonly used to ensure our clients receive the most thorough removal of their record possible.

Additional Criminal Background Review Service for No Additional Fees

Over the years we have noticed that there are often errors on our client’s official criminal history reports. If you would like to get a copy of your report, we will review it for free.

Texas Based Law Firm

We are a local law firm, not a website. We represent you in court.

About Us
We are a Texas based boutique law firm that focuses on the removal of criminal records.

We’ve all heard the expression that everyone deserves a second chance. Our firm's mission is provide individuals with an opportunity to erase their embarrassing past mistakes in order to look forward to a brighter future. You need people in your corner who know the system and can fight for your rights to get you the outcome you deserve.

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