Our Federal Pardon Services and Associated Fees

We disclose our costs and fees upfront to all our prospective clients.

  • Case Evaluation – Fee $250.00
    • We will thoroughly evaluate your case background to determine if we will accept your case for our comprehensive representation package.  However, be advised that we only accept a limited number of cases a year.
    • We perform a comprehensive criminal background search.;
    • You will find out exactly what is reported on your background and what information the report discloses about your offense;
    • We will determine whether any of your cases qualify for an expunction, a non-disclosure, or a motion to set aside your case;
    • We will assist you in clearing up any inaccuracies that appear on your report;
    • We then research the facts and circumstances surrounding each of your cases;
    • One of our Experienced Federal Pardon Attorneys will interview you regarding your eligibility for a pardon;
    • After the evaluation is performed, you will receive a consultation with an attorney to discuss the results. 
    • Generally, we will discuss the pardon process, and the likelihood of success, answer any questions you have, and determine whether we would accept your case for the comprehensive package.
  • We Represent You – Fees Vary.  A typical range of our fees is between $6,000 – $12,000.
    • Requires a prior evaluation.;
    • We gather all necessary records in the required format;
    • We prepare the application and all narrative sections;
    • We use our various sources to gather most of the required information regarding your background, address, and employment history;
    • We submit your application to the Department of Justice;
    • We represent you in any proceeding with the Department of Justice;
    • If the Department approves your application, then we submit your application to the President’s office; and
    • We represent you in any proceeding related to the President’s selection process.
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