Our Expungement Services and Associated Fees

We disclose our costs and fees upfront to all our prospective clients.

Expungement Service – $1,950.00 Total

  • Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee
  • Access to Your Case File Online (24/7)
  • Affordable Payment Plans.  You can pay the flat fee in 4 interest-free monthly installments
  • Complete all Case Related Research to ensure your expungement is properly prepared
  • We pay all record research fees
  • Prepare Expungement Petition
  • File Petition with Court
  • Includes all court fees and filing fees
  • Prepare Responses to any Objections
  • Attend Court Hearing 
  • Obtain a Certified Copy of an Order on Motion
  • Fast Track All Cases – No Extra Fee
  • Prepare a Letter for Prospective Employers – Explaining that we represent you and that you are eligible to have your record sealed so any negative items on your background should be disregarded;
  • We provide notice of your court order to the leading online criminal history databases to ensure timely and accurate reporting
  • We provide notice of your court order to over 700+ online sites to remove any information concerning your case
  • We will dispute and remove any publication that discloses the expunged offense in violation of the court’s order

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