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The Benefits of Expunging or Sealing Your Criminal Record

Expungement, the process by which a Texas expungement law firm helps you seal or erase your criminal record, offers many economic and non-economic benefits to individuals and society. We have proof!


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Economic Benefits


Gainful employment after record expungement leads to a decreased reliance on public assistance programs. As individuals become financially independent, there is a reduced strain on social welfare systems.


Expungement also has a different empowerment effect. People may pursue entrepreneurship and start their own businesses. Without the stigma of a criminal record, individuals find it easier to access financing, obtain licenses and permits, and establish partnerships. Not only do people with an erased record have the means to support themselves, but they can now also create jobs within the community.


Another economic benefit of expungement is the reduction of criminal justice costs associated with processing, incarcerating, and supervising people with criminal records. By reducing recidivism rates through the removal of barriers to reintegration, governments can redirect resources toward crime prevention, rehabilitation, and victim support services.


What are the Non-Economic Benefits of Records Expungement?


The absence of a criminal record plays a crucial role in reintegrating former convicted individuals into society. By removing the stigma and barriers associated with a criminal record, individuals have a better opportunity to rebuild their lives, establish positive social connections, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.


Did you know that expungement restores certain civil rights and privileges? Examples include the right to vote, serve on a jury, or possess firearms. A reaffirmation of citizenship fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among affected individuals. This, in turn, removes the psychological burden of carrying a criminal record.


Expungement provides relief, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves overall mental health outcomes. Not surprisingly, it positively impacts relationships, family dynamics, and overall quality of life.


What is the Impact of a Criminal Record on Employment Opportunities?


Individuals face a stigma and discrimination with criminal records. It follows them into the employment market, where they must desperately try to overcome societal barriers and pursue personal and professional growth opportunities.


Working with a Texas expungement attorney to remove a criminal record significantly increases an individual’s chances of securing gainful employment. With a clean slate, formerly convicted individuals can access a broader range of job opportunities, especially those requiring background checks. Doing so benefits the individual by providing a steady income and contributing to the economy by boosting workforce participation and productivity.


Statistical Data on Earnings Before and After Expungement


Expungement contributes to a more just and equitable society by promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity. It is not just pretty rhetoric but supported by current data.


Calling the record that follows someone a “paper prison,” Santa Clara University experts determined “the annual earnings loss associated with misdemeanor and felony convictions to be $5,100 and $6,400, respectively.” (Source: A University of Michigan study revealed that expungement results in “a sharp upturn in … wage and employment trajectories; on average, within one year, wages go up by over 22%.” (Source:


There is no doubt that individuals with criminal records earn lower wages (on average) than those without. By expunging their records, however, individuals can quite possibly increase their earning potential as they become eligible for higher-paying jobs and career advancements. It benefits the individual and contributes to overall economic growth by enhancing consumer spending and tax revenues.


How Texas Expungement Improves Credit Scores and Housing Opportunities


Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to handling credit. However, someone precluded from having the economical means of making the payments on credit cards, mortgages, or car leases is in a disadvantageous situation. While trying to build credit after a release from incarceration is challenging, making ends meet without sufficient income is clearly a recipe for low credit scores and subsequent poverty.


In the same vein, consider that people with low credit scores face dismal housing opportunities. Property management companies prefer tenants with high credit scores or at least well-established credit, which is challenging to attain by a “paper prison” inmate.


What’s Holding You Back?


The same sources cited earlier also highlight that expunging a criminal record is not something many former inmates pursue. A Texas case study explains that only 5% of eligible candidates take the steps necessary to have their records dealt with. Do you fall into this category?


A dedicated Texas expungement lawyer can make a difference in the lives of anyone with a criminal record that is holding them back. Are you a good candidate for this process? Learn more about expungement eligibility and benefits by discussing your unique situation with a representative today.


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