Posted by on December 19, 2022

I hired John and his wife Courtney to represent me for my criminal case after interviewing 20 other attorneys. I mainly dealt with Courtney but would also speak with John on occasion. I really liked there online case file system so I was able to login and get updates. In my humble opinion, they went above and beyond what I expected. My charges were very serious and I was extremly anxious about the outcome since it would affect the rest of my life. I can’t believe that through their tireless work that they were able to get me case dismissed. This was something that I did not believe was even possible. I thank them everyday for all the work they did on my case and there is nothing I will ever be able to do to thank them for what they did short sharing my experience. I am sure that this doesn’t happen in every case but it did in mine and it was because I hired the right attorney. Thank you Courtney for returning my life to me. A gift you will never fully understand how much it meaned to me.