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Is Your Past Holding You Back? The Right Attorney Can Help!

If you want to clear your Texas criminal record, then you have many options that will allow you a fresh start.
However, each of these options has very specific requirements and it may be best to seek an experienced expunction
attorney to help you navigate the process. The aim of any qualified expungement attorney is to have your criminal
record erased or sealed. This can be a tough process as it is often necessary to provide proof to the court that you
meet certain criteria. An attorney can help you with the process by streamlining the process it and making sure your
motion or petition is filed properly. It is important to remember that in many circumstances you only get one bite
at the apple because the court will not allow you to refile your petition once it is denied.

Several factors can make this a challenging and complex process. This is why you should seek the help of an
experienced professional. The right attorney can insure that this process is a successful one.

Do Not Fall Prey to the Common Mistakes

It is possible to make mistakes while going through the process of sealing your record. The success of your petition
is ultimately the decision of the presiding judge. It is important to make sure that you have done all that is
required to prove to the court, and all other noticed parties, that you meet the specific requirements. A missing
signature or a simple mistake can be enough to ruin the process. Unforeseen issues can be avoided by hiring an
attorney who has the expertise and knowledge to help you understand the things that should or should not be done.

If you work with an experienced attorney, you have a greater chance of success. Of course you will need someone
experienced who has the confidence of seeing your case through to a successful resolution. The right attorney can
make a major difference on the success or failure of your case. Even if you are uncertain about hiring a lawyer, you
should at least consult with one. Furthermore, beware of paralegals who claim to offer document preparation services
at low prices. Their lack of experience or legal knowledge may be a detriment to your case, and when things go
sideways, they are nowhere to be found.

Once you speak with an attorney, you will be able to learn a lot about the process and what you can expect. This can
also help you make decisions for yourself about whether you wish to retain an attorney or go it alone. Having a
lawyer beside you is often a great decision to take for your future. Hiring the right expunction attorney is an
investment in your future that will last a lifetime.

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